Leaky Gut

And an epidemic of inflammation

leaky-gutOur bodies are incredibly intricate and well-designed. Within it, there are different systems that are beautifully interconnected, but are kept separate so as not to interfere and everything can run smoothly.

The digestive system is one of these. The tract itself keeps toxins, allergens and anything that’s not meant to be absorbed by bloodstream in the digestive tract. The digestive process breaks down your food into sugar, protein and fat molecules which the blood can easily absorb and utilize.

“Leaky Gut” is newly recognized condition that occurs when there has been damage to the digestive tract. Toxins that should never meet the bloodstream, are now leaking across the barrier. Your body does not like this, and responds with an inflammatory response.

Inflammation is a complex, yet normal response to harmful stimuli in the body. If you get a cut on your hand or a cold, your body’s natural and normal inflammatory response reacts to protect and heal. Our body works to maintain a balance of the immune and inflammatory response systems to keep us in balance and healthy.

Leaky Gut is a newly recognized condition that occurs when there has been damage to the digestive tract. Toxins that should never meet the bloodstream are now leaking across the barrier.

However, today we are seeing an epidemic of inflammatory diseases. Meaning that our body’s defense systems are working overtime and completely out of balance due to many factors involved with our food, lifestyle and environment. In fact, nearly every modern disease is now connected to inflammation. Everything from autoimmune diseases, heart disease and cancer, to obesity, diabetes, and dementia; digestive diseases like irritable bowel syndrome, reflux, and colitis. As well as common conditions like allergies, arthritis, fatigue, sinus problems, hormonal disorders, high blood pressure, and cholesterol; and even mood disorders like depression and anxiety.

Now, this is not to say that leaky gut is the cause of all these inflammation-related diseases and conditions, but more to the point that this sweeping list of conditions can be related to digestive health. Which is why getting to the source of your symptoms and restoring your digestive health overall is so important. Please click here to learn more about the role that food allergies and sensitivities have in the inflammation epidemic.
It may seem like a long explanation, but hopefully now that connection between seemingly unrelated systems becomes more clear.

This is where Functional Medicine differs from traditional: we seek to determine the cause of these problems, not just treat the symptoms.

The good news is that yes, the immune and inflammatory systems can be restored with careful diet and nutraceutical support that a Functional Medicine practitioner can prescribe.