PPIs are the “one thing leads to another” of prescription drugs

gerd-treatments-orlando-clinicIf there’s one thing I’d like my clients to understand, it’s that in the body there is rarely an isolated issue when it comes to overall function and wellness. Just like you hear in pharmaceutical commercials on TV, most drugs come with many offensive side-effects. If it sounds like they are doing more harm than good, you’re right. And this is very much the case with drugs prescribed to “cure” heartburn, acid reflux and/or GERD.

Heartburn medications are acid blockers. But you need acid to break down foods and absorb their nutrients. When the gut’s immune system is shut down, you are more vulnerable to dangerous infections and digestive complications.

Drugs like PRILOSEC® and NEXIUM®  affect the way your body digests food. The burning feeling of acid in your chest and throat is a problem, but the acid itself is not, as your stomach breaks down food and helps your body absorb nutrients with this acid. Drugs that shut down this process (Acid Blockers) are very harmful to the way your body needs to function. In effect, it shuts down the immune system of the gut, which may leave you more vulnerable to dangerous infections while also causing complications in your ability to absorb nutrients from the food you’re eating.

So while your prescribed drugs are reducing the burning feeling of acid in your chest and throat, they are also reducing your body’s ability to do its job in many other ways. Which may have you reporting new problems to your doctor, like muscle cramping in the legs (when you’re not absorbing magnesium and calcium), for which you may get yet another prescription.

At Pro-Active Health Orlando, our perspective on healing and wellness is to treat the body as a whole, not the individual ailments. We will work to figure out what is causing the problem, not just relieve the symptoms, and ideally reduce or eliminate the need for most prescription medications.