What goes in, (the byproducts) should absolutely come out

constipation-treatments-orlandoOh, poop. Sure it’s a little gross, but now that you’re over that fact, we can address it.

Did you know your digestive tract, top to bottom, is about 20 – 23 feet in length? That’s a lot of you. So if something’s not right, most of you is suffering. That’s why poop, your digestive waste, is a great barometer of your health. It reflects how well your body is processing and absorbing nutrients. And when the stool is absent or difficult to pass, this indicates some very important problems.

As we remind you here on Pro-Active Health Orlando, improving the food you eat is the simplest and most effective way to get your health in order.

Just like your house, car or kitchen, if you don’t take out the garbage, things are going to get bad.

What happens when your body isn’t eliminating waste?

When your body isn’t moving things along, the toxins that would be on their way out get reabsorbed into the body. Just like your house, car, kitchen, etc., if you don’t take out the garbage, things are going to get bad.

If you’re not getting enough water or liquids in your diet (soda is not one of these) then your stool will become dehydrated in the colon as your body searches for water anywhere it can. And dry stool becomes very difficult to pass.

Fiber, exercise, and water are the three main players in having a healthy digestive system. But for many people, the bacteria that should be in the gut helping to break down food and absorb nutrients maybe of few in number and low in supply. This is why you may be hearing about probiotics more and more often. Without good bacteria alive and well in your digestive tract, your body is not able to function at full capacity. One of the main reasons for the poor quality bacteria is the abundance of “ingestible food-like substances” people are consuming.

When we work together to mend your digestive and overall health, we’ll talk about what’s going on for you on this topic. So be sure to pay attention to what is normal and not normal for your own body. And make mental note (or a paper one!) about how you do within 24 hours of eating certain foods.

And finally, do yourself a favor: grab an apple or pear and enjoy (and yes, eat the peel!)