Healthy Lifestyle Patterns

Health is Wealth

healthy-lifestyle-patternsGood news: your body is incredible. It can survive in dire circumstances and repair itself in ways you wouldn’t believe.

Simply put, a healthy lifestyle is a way of life, not a diet you try for a month. And the results are greater than anything a scale can tell you.

Your body wants to be well, whole, and thriving. And when it is, you feel awesome. It’s natural and normal and beautiful and all the other words you keep hearing and possibly rolling your eyes at. But if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em.

Many of the conditions addressed on this site are almost entirely preventable, which is a major part of the Pro-Active Health Orlando approach. Hence, pro-active. We are also about putting your wellness in your own hands. Reducing or eliminating the need for many medications, and alleviating mounting medical issues…and even our services!

It’s not about getting abs, or squeezing juice from leaves.
It’s not about giving up everything or doing a marathon.

It IS about adding quality back to your life. It’s about loving the food you eat and it loving you back. It’s about truly being there to enjoy life.

Simply put, a healthy lifestyle is a way of life, not a diet you try for a month.

But the results are far greater than anything a scale will tell you.

Realizing that headaches don’t have to be part of life.

Learning that “tired” doesn’t have to be your refrain.

Or that bad skin, or high blood pressure is not just a bad card you were dealt.

Because 9 times out of 10, your deck of cards is not bad at all.

It’s true, our genes do play a role in our bodies and their ailments, but it’s much smaller than you’d think. Our genes actually account for only about 25% of conditions that develop. So even if something runs in your family, it does not mean you have the same prognosis.

Which means many health issues are preventable.

And even better – your body is amazingly capable at recovering from diseases and repairing itself. Your body wants to be its best.

So be Pro-Active about your health and wellness.