Not yet Type II Diabetes

pre-diabetesPre-Diabetes is a dangerous state at which you are cruising towards developing Type II Diabetes. Your blood-sugar levels are higher than normal, and your body is carrying 10 lbs. (or more) weight than it is meant to. Your body is struggling and sending you warnings.

But at this point there is still time to put on the brakes and head towards a path of health. A path that leads away from risks for stroke, heart disease, pain, medications and endless doctor visits.

In health and medical circles, it’s being said that “sitting is the new smoking.”

If you have Pre Diabetes, there is still time to put on the brakes and head towards a path of health.

Think about that. We often go from the car to the desk to the car. And then probably to the couch. And that’s not a critique, that’s just the typical day. But while sitting is virtually unavoidable, balancing that out is completely within reach.

Healthy food and being more active are your only real options. Ask yourself these questions to help see where some change points occur:


  • How much soda do I drink each day? (Sorry, diet soda is not better)
  • How many glasses of water do I drink each day?
  • How many times a week do I eat fast food?
  • How often do I make meals at home?
  • Are they made from real ingredients or are they coming from a box/pre-made?


  • Do I sit at a desk for work?
  • How often do I get up and walk around?
  • Do I get exercise where I get my heart rate up?
  • How many times a week?


  • Is my waist bigger than my hips?
  • Am I more than 10 lbs. over my healthy weight?

If you’re ready to make positive changes for your body and your life, then let’s do it. We can work together to completely prevent developing Type II diabetes.