Fatty Liver

Frankenstein foods are the bad guys here

cherriesTimes have changed. In the good old days, muscle cars were loud and it was mostly older men with drinking problems who developed what’s called Fatty Liver.

But this very dangerous condition is affecting people far outside of that demographic. Today, signs of Fatty Liver Disease are even being seen in kids and teenagers.

When we eat processed foods, our liver doesn’t recognize it at the molecular level and then can’t work with it. This leads to fat build up in the liver.

And no, not in healthy kids, teenagers and adults, but it’s certainly not the result of a long relationship with heavy alcohol intake.

So, what in the world is going on?
At this rate, you may not be surprised to learn that the obesity epidemic is the leading cause of Fatty Liver disease. The following conditions can also contribute to Fatty Liver Disease:

And more often than not, these conditions are related to one another.

How does it happen?

When we eat processed foods (the shelf-stable, microwave-ready, lab-created, cheeze-with-a-Z type foods) our body doesn’t know what to do with it. Or rather, it can’t recognize the parts and pieces at a molecular level.

The liver’s job is to break foods down and put the molecules, (like sugars and fats and proteins) where they need to go. So while High Fructose Corn Syrup may be a delicious and brilliant scientific creation, the liver can’t process it. So it sets all these edible Frankensteins aside for later. Over time, the abundance of foreign “stuff” accumulates as fat in the liver. If it gets as far as developing into a disease and affects the function of the liver, this is a major problem and can lead to liver failure.

Quick Fix: liver transplant.

But if you’d like to prevent that extreme measure, those extreme costs, and the likelihood of damaging that new liver, then it’s time to help your body do its job.

Better Fix: overhaul the diet.

Amazingly, the liver is very resilient. It can be and wants to be healthy and whole again. And truly the only way to do this is through a change of diet of food-like substances to real food.

Let’s work together to prevent a 100% preventable condition and get you back to better health.