Welcome to Pro-Active Health Orlando where we use the power of nutrition and your environment to prevent, reverse or mitigate chronic health issues.

Have you ever been to your primary care doctor with recurring symptoms only to be told that everything looks okay – yet you know something is off? At Pro-Active Health Orlando, we seek prevention, reversal and mitigation of chronic health issues by looking at the whole person.

Functional Medicine is different because it does more than simply treat symptoms; we look for the root cause of your health issues and work to remedy that by considering food, your environment and even your genes.  Let’s talk about how we can work together to restore your body to optimal health and vitality in a sustainable way.

Common Conditions we address:

Testimonials to the power of Functional Medicine

Arthritic hands are finally feeling well again

For years I’d had very bothersome arthritis in my fingers. After speaking with Marian about it, she recommended a book that described a dietary approach to decreasing inflammatory symptoms and diseases.

Because of my deep respect for Marian, and with her guiding wisdom, I tried the protocol. I was truly astonished – after just a couple of weeks of following an elimination diet, I was amazed at the difference in my fingers. Both the pain and swelling in my fingers was gone. My hands hadn’t felt this good in years. Thank you, Marian!

Susan Baxa, Nurse Practitioner
Winter Park, FL

Skin issues resolved (plus a few unexpected positive results)

For about 10 years, the skin around just one knuckle on my hand would get dry and crack and get very inflamed. I tried moisturizers and steroid creams, but they would only temporarily relieve the symptoms. A few years later my thumb started to develop the same problem with similar results (or lack thereof) with topical treatment.

After mentioning this to Marian, she suggested a body and gut “re-set” to help clear out my system. So under her guidance and expertise, I did a body and gut “cleanse” where I eliminated all processed foods, alcohol and dairy for 10 days (the first three days consisting of a completely raw diet). Amazingly, I Immediately saw my skin clearing up,  along with a host of other ailments that I never realized could be helped (i.e. stagnant weight loss, lethargy, blemishes, and a phlegmy feeling after eating). Eating clean foods and adding a probiotic supplement completely rejuvenated my body. If I ever feel like I am sliding backwards, I make sure to go back to the basics and Marian’s guidance and I am quickly restored to feeling my best!

Megan Emerson
College Park, FL

A new, better normal

For years I had digestional issues, but I didn’t know it, because I never really talked about it. But I was dealing with chronic constipation and gas. It came up in conversation and Marian (my mom) suggested I try eliminating gluten from my diet. Eliminating gluten was first an eye-opener – it was in everything I ate! But after just 48 hours, I was already finding relief. I have since been (mostly) gluten-free for about 3+ years now, and with a probiotic supplement Marian recommends and I feel pretty A+.

Sarah Chase
New York, NY